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From our farm and home, close to the historic town of Valderrobres in the beautiful Matarrana, we plan to offer a total experience from bed and breakfast, harvesting and olive oil making, sightseeing and gastronomy. WE ARE STILL COMPLETING THE LANDSCAPING AND PLANTING, AS WELL AS PUTTING THE FINISHING TOUCHES TO OUR HOUSE WHICH WILL HAVE FOUR GUESTROOMS. WE HAVE CREATED THIS WEBSITE IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU UP TO DATE WITH OUR PROJECT.



We had the good fortune to learn about all aspects of olive oil production from our friend in Tuscany who produces a superb spicy green extra virgin olive oil. Having worked with him for many years, we followed his lead and produced our first extra virgin olive oil in 2017. We harvest early and cold press within hours to make our exceptional tasting extra virgin olive oil. Golden in colour and aromatic, our extra virgin olive oil has an exceptional flavour and a very low acidity. 



We intend to produce a range of organic product from our land, such as nuts, chillies, tomatoes, olives and fruits. We are busy experimenting and will update you soon!


B & B

In the not too distant future, we plan to open our house to like-minded guests who wish to come and share our ideas and experience the many activities available in the Matarrana. These include walking, mountaineering, horse-riding, wild swimming, mountain biking and cycling. We can help you organise your daily adventures here in the Matarrana.

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