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Welcome to Masia  De Capserri,    "The House of the Jagged Tooth"



We searched many areas before finally deciding to settle here in this beautiful, unspoilt and undiscovered part of Spain. We are surrounded by  beautiful mediaeval villages and truly spectacular scenery,  nestling in the shadow of El Port Nature Reserve. The local economy is still primarily driven by olive and almond production and has changed little over the centuries, with local farmers maintaining and tending their land and trees with great care. Our farm rests on ancient terraces overlooked by the spectacular La Mola table top mountain. 



Our story really begins after a great fire in 2012 which swept up the valley and destroyed most of our forest and a good proportion of our olive and almond trees. Since then we have been on a programme of extensive replanting and land restoration. So far we have planted over 600 new trees. The old farmhouse needed to be knocked down, saving all the stone and tiles for the construction of the new house. 



Our journey is one of learning and experimentation. We work our land in harmony with the environment, embracing traditional planting methods and ecological principles. We are passionately committed to the guardianship of our land for future generations.

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